20/20 Perfect Vision – To See The Light

When you see the light, you suddenly want all the people around you to see it too. I was guilty for the many years that preceded my big revelation. I was told in middle school that abortion was just another right we had as citizens and as women; a right not so different from the right to vote or the right to drive a car. I didn’t question it or my teachers’ authority, because it sounded so logical and right. I just bought into their narrative and went through years of no questions asked. This was my background until the Lord decided it was time to intervene. In essence, we all have a similar story, whether about abortion or something else. The apostle Paul surely did.

His birth name was Saul and his story had quite an unsettling beginning. Born two to six years after Jesus, he was a fervent follower of the law – a Pharisee. He believed that everyone who wasn’t abiding by it deserved to be punished, sentenced to prison or worse, to death. He was set on arresting the heretics and sending them to jail when God unveiled His own plan for his life. One day, as Saul was approaching the city of Damascus, a bright light blinded him, and he heard the voice of the Lord, asking him why he persecuted Him (Acts 9:3). This incredible encounter changed the trajectory of Saul’s life, who soon after became Paul, a devoted disciple of Christ. His eyes had finally been opened, and he went on a missionary journey to announce the Good News to the world. Perhaps you have had your eyes opened recently about something? What did the Lord speak to you?

Just as Paul, at Lifeline we know that our knowledge and recognition of the inherent preciousness of each human life comes from God. Without a doubt, we have biology to support it along with a great numbers of social studies to show that abortion does not actually help women – but without God to enlighten us, we would most likely still be oblivious to these realities. Ultimately, He is the one who declares what is good (Genesis 1:31), and without Him, only the cold facts remain. 

So we set on a journey to proclaim the message of pro-abundant life, and just as Paul, we sometimes face obstacles on our path. The book of Philippians was written by Paul while he was imprisoned for sharing the message of Christ. Despite his circumstances and although he was abruptly interrupted in his mission, Paul was joyful. He could have resented the people who held him captive or even held the entire world responsible for his fate, but instead he wrote one of the most famous passages in the Bible: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7). Paul knew that even in prison, he was free – free in the Lord, who saved him and who was all powerful. His faith stood, unshakable.

At Lifeline, we start this new decade with a burning desire to do even more for our community, and to reach always more lives and souls, through all of our programs and services. We want to continue to extend our hand to those in need of help and support, one person at a time, like Paul. And just like him, we need to stay strong in the face of adversity, confident in our Lord’s great power and faithfulness. As we pray to God to give us his perfect vision to achieve our goals, we would like to invite you to join us in prayer. Has God been calling you to set on your own journey to defend life? Is he asking for your prayers, to volunteer your time, or to give material donations or financial support? No one is useless in God’s kingdom, and through His grace, we hope that we can help other people see the light. Join us. 



By Elodie Takamiya

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