ABC’s of Lifeline

Want to know the ins-and-outs of Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic, but don’t have much time on your hands? Here’s the low down…in an easy-breezy alphabetical format!

A2A: Alternatives to Abortion, Missouri’s state-funded program designed to help pregnant women carry to term rather than abort. For clients who qualify, the program provides baby supplies, from car seats to diapers, as well as assistance in bills and housing expenses.

Baby Boutique: A whole lot of cute packed into a one-stop-shop. Baby clothes of all sizes, baby supplies, and maternity wear are available to clients enrolled in our PLANS program.

Christ-centeredness: Any good that comes from this ministry is due to the power of Jesus. Enough said.

Dadline: Our fatherhood education program. Includes one-on-one mentorship with an experienced father who provides encouragement and wisdom to a new dad.

PLANS: New or expecting moms can learn about prenatal care and parenting skills to earn points they can use to purchase items from the Baby Boutique.

Family: Lifeline supports the whole family, not just the unborn child or the mother. Lifeline itself is also a family, full of staff, volunteers, and clients who care for one another.

Grace: Christ died so that we would know Him, and we try to share that story of grace with our clients through words and actions.

Health: Lifeline cares about the physical well-being of mothers and babies, providing education on nutrition, development, exercise, and more.

Integrity: Miriam-Webster defines it as “the quality of being honest and fair; the state of being complete or whole.” Lifeline strives to be a complete body of Christ-focused workers dedicated to serving His people honestly and fairly.

Juggling: You can’t expect too much of a day-to-day routine at the clinic…this job trains us to think on our feet and do whatever is best for the clients and the office at the moment, even if it’s not what we thought would happen that day!

Kindness: We try to extend the same kindness to everyone involved in this ministry that the Lord has shown to us. Hopefully His heart is evident in our work!

Learning: We’re always figuring out how to serve the community better, and seek to educate families on how to care for themselves through the PLANS program.

Motherhood: It’s a vital role in this ministry, for staff and clients alike!

Newborns: There’s a lot of them around, and boy do they make us giggle.

Options: Anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy has options, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Lifeline hopes to show that to all women unsure about their future after pregnancy.

Pure Freedom: Our Pure Freedom program educates youth about healthy relationships and how to make wise decisions with their bodies that affect their future.

Questions: We encourage clients to ask us any questions they have about their pregnancy or parenting adventures, and we do our best to answer!

Respect: Lifeline respects the value of all life, and aims to treat all who walk through our doors with that reverence.

Social Media: We try to connect with clients and supporters in any way we can, and platforms like Facebook have allowed us to reach the community like never before!

Teen Parent Meetings: Our monthly group meetings address hot topics from breastfeeding to career preparation.

Ultrasounds: Lifeline provides free pregnancy tests and limited obstetrical ultrasounds performed by licensed nurses.

Variety: Every day is different at the clinic–you never know what adventures will ensue!

Walk for Life: Every summer, folks all over Kirksville come together to stroll (or stroller) around Truman’s campus and raise support for life.

X…: Let’s be honest, nothing at Lifeline begins with X, besides the occasional toy xylophone in the Baby Boutique.

You: You are a part of this ministry, and an important one! Don’t forget it!

Zzz: Sometimes work happens quietly because babies are sleeping.

A lot happens in this ministry, much more than 26 letters convey. Thanks for being a part of Lifeline through the A’s and the Z’s!

By Kath Farmer

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