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Let’s give a big digital round of applause to welcome Lifeline’s newest team member: Amanda Soseman! Amanda now acts as our Office Assistant, a switchboard for all the goings on at the clinic. She’s at the ready to pick up the phone and deliver the message wherever it needs to go. Her genuine kindness welcomes everybody who walk through Lifeline’s doors and is becoming a familiar face for our regular clients. She’s already been hard at work sprucing up our boutique and social media presence. Her work is vital to the everyday function of Lifeline. We want to give you all, our partners in LIFE, an opportunity to get to know Amanda; if you can’t come in and meet her yourself, read on for an introduction to the life of Amanda Soseman.

Amanda and her family transplanted from Illinois to Kirksville in September of 2017. She and her husband Jason of twenty-two years have two sons, twenty-one-year-old Jeremy and fourteen-year-old Austin. The four of them bond over fishing, hunting, archery, boating, spelunking, and all things outdoorsy. “We are farmers and entrepreneurs,” she says. “I started making soaps, lotions and lip balms as a little side business to connect our clean eating, farming and chemical free lifestyle. We sold all of our livestock and businesses when we moved to Kirksville and are now slowly building that back up.” Her passions for God, life, family, and health all fit so wonderfully into our Lifeline family, and we’re delighted to have her go-getter attitude on board. “I’m also deeply passionate about pizza, make sure to include that!” 

The Sosemans are no strangers to pregnancy care ministry. “When we lived in Illinois, my husband, myself and our youngest had donated some of our time and resources helping with one of the local resource centers there,” she says. “Once we moved here, one of our number one goals was to find a pregnancy resource center in the area. Thankfully we found Lifeline and joined in on one of their walks. The rest is history.”

Amanda’s drive to serve new parents and babies stems from a deeply personal connection. “I was young and married when we found out I was pregnant with our first born,” she says. “There were some in our community who thought it was in our best interest to terminate my pregnancy. Killing our child was never going to be an option for us. So many of our young mothers and fathers are pressured into the same terrible ‘alternative.’ If I have any gift at all, it would be to help save a life by sharing my story with whoever needs to hear it.”

Her story brings an extremely valuable perspective to the clinic, as she can understand where our clients are at in a way few people can. “Our life didn’t end when we knew we were going to bring our son into this world. Our lives began.” This hope is pivotal for the growth of all growing families entering our clinic. Thank the LORD for how He’s sculpted Amanda’s life so beautifully. “I have always loved babies and have known the importance of women’s health during pregnancy since I was a little girl. I think that knowledge was a little something God ingrained in me from the beginning. It’s just always been there.”

If you see Amanda around at the clinic or Lifeline events, introduce yourself and welcome her into this ministry that matches her passion so well. Join us in praying as Amanda has: “My prayer is that Lifeline will continue to flourish and reach as many young mothers and fathers as possible to educate them on the importance and gift of life. My hope is that more individuals will turn from the outrageous claims placed on Pro-life centers by the media and that they would truly have a passion to educate themselves on all the wonderful benefits Lifeline has to offer the community.”

By Kathryn Crane

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