A Humble Branch

Introducing (insert drum roll here)…Jackson Page! Pure Freedom is proud to have Jackson on our team of Sexual Risk Avoidance Educators. Not only does he bring energy and zeal to our office, but he also offers a perspective to our male students that our formerly all-female team didn’t have. He carries his integrity and enthusiasm for real, honest relationships into every classroom he enters, and primarily gets to teach all boys groups.

When asked why he likes his job at Lifeline, Jackson answered in three parts: first, that he’s totally sold on the Sexual Risk Avoidance Model. “In Pure Freedom curriculum, sex education exists within a larger context of relationship education,” he says. “As relationship education is woven into the curriculum, students are reminded of their own value and the value of others, and they gain practical information to make crucial decisions.” Secondly, Jackson feels valued at work. “Not only for what I add to the workplace, but I feel valued as an individual with all of my unique cares and concerns as a human being. I feel valued by my co-workers who ask me deep questions about my work, family, and emotions.” Lastly, he loves the Pure Freedom team dynamic. “The team knows each other, and we operate with mutual understanding toward the same goal. Ideas are often requested from and shared with me.”

Jackson grew up in Springfield, Illinois and graduated from Truman State University with his Bachelor of Arts in Communication in 2017. Family is super important to him, and he loves being a big brother. “I have two younger siblings and they are my favorite people on this planet,” he says. “My brother is Berkeley (Berk-man) and my sister is Reagan (Razzie rue).”

In his free time, Jackson enjoys listening to music, playing sports, and talking with friends. “The best is a combination of all three!” he says. “I also like being outdoors and learning about nature and animals.” His perfect day would include lots of music, a basketball game, a few friends, a horse, a mountain, and one long meaningful conversation.

When asked about his goals, Jackson says “I pray to be a humble branch, reaching out from the Vine. A tangible love should grow out from our faith and profession of Christ, bearing fruit in our expression of grace to the broken, needy, and hopeless.” I listened to DC talk all the time when I was a child. One of the songs had this quote from Brennan Manning at the beginning ‘The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians: who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, walk out the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.’ I did not understand it then, but I am starting to now.”

Lifeline has been praying for a male educator for years, someone who can relate with young men and be and model of what it means to respect yourself and others. This year, God answered that prayer; through Jackson, the LORD is reaching teen boys in a way we never could before. Students have written comments about Jackson like “you seem like a really nice dude,” “you are a great person,” and “you are the best teacher.” It has been such a gift to witness Jackson engage with students so naturally and with compelling conviction as well as humor. Join us in praising God for creating servants like Jackson who express grace to the broken, needy, and hopeless.

By Kath Crane

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