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Dear friend, 

We know that you care deeply about the lives that are lost through abortion each year in Missouri. Right now, the Planned Parenthood of Saint Louis is still in operation, which means that unborn babies are dying in your state as you read this. Not only that, the abortion pill has become more accessible than ever before. When a woman learns that she is pregnant and doesn’t want to be, her first move is to look for information online. There she finds services such as AidAccess, which allow her to order abortion pills online and receive them by mail in a matter of days. 

With your donation to Lifeline, you can reach these women and help them say “no” to abortion. You can help them feel loved, valued, and cared for, instead of being scared and isolated. And ultimately, you can strengthen families to live abundant lives in Christ.

Just this past year, Lifeline supporters like you have provided 64 pregnancy tests, 89 ultrasounds, 2,458 baby items, and extended support to over 130 women and men… all at no cost to them! As a result, many of our clients chose life.

These are great steps forward but we are now facing new challenges.

With the changing landscape caused by the pandemic, more and more women are choosing abortion online or only miles away across state lines. Will you help us reach out to the women and men seeking abortion right across our state border?

By donating to Lifeline, you are providing life-saving services, including emotional and spiritual support to parents in difficult situations here in Northeast Missouri, helping us extend support to women and men through direct intervention and community partnerships. 

Lifeline is part of the Care Net pro-life network of affiliates. Thanks to generous donors like you, pro-life organizations have saved 823,000 babies and counting since 2008, as well as shared the Gospel with over one million parents in need.

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