Meet our blog writer Elodie Takamiya, French Interpreter and Communications Assistant.

Elodie grew up in France but recently moved to the United States to live with her kindhearted husband, Patrick. She obtained a Master’s Degree in International Communications from the University of Lyon 3 back in 2017 and worked for a couple of news media outlets. Her subjects of choice are relationships, love, and cultural issues. She is passionate about walking with God and trusting him in all aspects of her life.

Easter 2021

Easter 2021: Alleviating Fears

Fear is everywhere. I experience it regularly in my own life. I’m afraid of not having enough time, afraid of what people think of me. Working at Lifeline in itself was scary because although I love to write, I didn’t know if I would do a good job at writing in English, which is my more...

For I Know The Plans – Meet Christie

Stop by to say hi to the cheerful Christie at the front desk! She is our newly arrived office assistant, and as such, she fills the role of a connection between our clients, supporters, and our staff. Her daily duties include greeting the men and women who enter our doors in search of pregnancy-related services, more...

Sexual Abuse Prevention

New School Requirements On Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: A New State Law Pure Freedom is a holistic education program that strives to equip students with the knowledge on how to achieve optimal health in their relationships and lives in general. Our staff is a team of dedicated educators who are committed to pursuing ongoing education in order to always more...

DadLine program manager

Meet Brian, our DadLine program manager!

Let us introduce you our latest addition to the team: Brian Truschinger, our new DadLine program manager. With our fatherhood program expanding, we needed someone full-time to take on the very important role of meeting with men, mentoring them, and encouraging them to be loving, responsible dads. We are excited to have found the right more...

God the Father, God the anchor

God the Father, God the Anchor

When Terry Crews tweeted last year that “fathers are important and needed”, he was met with harsh criticism. People accused him of being insensitive towards families composed of two mothers. Not long after, an interview of another man was being conducted on a popular digital platform. The interviewee was discussing masculinity, arguing that the Church, more...

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