PLANS (Parenting Lessons and Nurturing Supplies)

Lifeline’s prenatal and parenting education program PLANS is offered to pregnant women, new moms, and dads. It provides them with essential information on topics ranging from pregnancy, labor and delivery, to parenting, breastfeeding, infant safety, nutrition, bonding with an infant, and more. Each weekly lesson is tailored to the client’s individual needs and offered at no cost.

As an added benefit, with each lesson successfully completed, the client earns points that they can spend at our boutique. The points can be used to purchase items such as baby outfits, diapers, wipes, baby toys, books, to bigger items such as baby furniture. The boutique is also stocked with items for moms and dads such as maternity clothing and backpacks.


Lifeline recognizes how important dads are to their children and their families. Therefore, we have created DadLINE, a fatherhood coaching program specifically designed for dads. DadLINE’s mission is to strengthen father-child relationships and promote responsible fatherhood. The 4 areas of focus include healthy relationship workshops, responsible parenting workshops, financial and career support, and case management.

In addition, DadLINE is proud to be a Fatherhood FIRE (Family–focused, Interconnected, Resilient, and Essential) grantee of the Office of Family Assistance.

Post-Abortion Recovery Study Group

At Lifeline we understand that without the necessary support to face an unexpected pregnancy, abortion can often feel like the only option. Many feel forced into this option and then are left to deal with the aftermath on their own. For anyone who has experienced abortion, Lifeline offers a post-abortion recovery study group. This program is facilitated by Lynae McFarland and LeAnn Dent and is offered in partnership with If Not For Grace Ministries. In order to join this weekly support group, women are invited to fill out a confidential form online or to contact Lifeline directly.

Pure Freedom

Lifeline values our local youth and recognizes the pressures they face as they make choices that will directly affect their future. Ideal for health classes, Pure Freedom is a relationship, sexual abuse prevention education, and sexual risk avoidance program offered to Northeast Missouri schools at no cost. Taught by certified educators, these 3-day workshops focus on a holistic approach to healthy relationships and encourage students to identify the connection between their current choices and future consequences.


The Alternatives to Abortion program is designed to assist women in carrying their unborn child to term instead of having an abortion and to assist them in caring for their child or placing their child for adoption. Services are available during pregnancy and for one year following birth. The State of Missouri’s Office of Administration manages the contract with community-based, non-profit organizations. Program eligibility requirements must be met for enrollment in this program.

Group Classes

Lifeline offers weekly and monthly groups classes to both women and men. The Motherhood Group Classes are weekly sessions that address topics such as the changes of motherhood, self-confidence, healthy relationships, and so on. It is facilitated by Larissa Fajkus and offered to any mom looking for community support. The Understanding Dads Group Classes are another class offering for moms with the goal to help them improve understanding and communication with the fathers of their children.

Lastly, Lifeline also offers Bible study and monthly group classes on varied topics such as car seat safety, breastfeeding, infant nutrition, etc. Each session is taught by a professional.


Lifeline offers tutoring to help clients prepare for certification exams such as the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test). The two main subjects that we help with are English and Math.


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