PLANS (Parenting Lessons and Nurturing Supplies)

Lifeline’s prenatal and parenting education program PLANS provides pregnant women and new moms with access to helpful information on a number of topics related to pregnancy and parenting, like what to expect in each trimester of pregnancy, labor and delivery, prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding, newborn care and nutrition, bonding with an infant, and many more. Each lesson is tailored to the individual needs of each client and is offered free of charge.

As an added benefit, with each lesson successfully completed, a client earns points that can be used in our boutique. These points can be used to purchase items such as baby clothes, diapers, and newborn care products; or bigger items like car seats and baby furniture.


Our fatherhood mentoring program DadLINE pairs new or expecting fathers with an experienced father, providing a safe place to ask questions and learn about caring for a baby without being embarrassed or judged. DadLINE teaches new fathers the basics of fatherhood as well as addresses challenges or concerns that a new father may face.

Pregnancy Loss Support

At Lifeline we understand that without the necessary support to face an unexpected pregnancy, abortion can often feel like the only option. Many feel forced into this option and then forced to deal with the aftermath on their own. For anyone who has experienced abortion or a miscarriage, Lifeline offers pregnancy loss support in the form of a group Bible study and counseling with our staff counselor, who holds an MA in Marriage and Family Counseling. This non-judgmental support is free and confidential and is not to replace professional counseling. For more information, click here or call us with any questions.

Pure Freedom

Lifeline values our local youth and recognizes the pressures they face as they make choices that will directly affect their future. Ideal for health classes, Pure Freedom is a free 3-day  sexual risk avoidance education program taught by our trained instructors. Lifeline offers Pure Freedom to all area middle and high schools. The program focuses on a holistic context of healthy relationships and encouraging students to identify the connection between their current choices and future consequences.

Parenting Education

Our parenting education program is designed to meet the needs and address the challenges of news and expecting moms and dads. Anyone who is parenting a small child or who is currently pregnant is welcome. Participants receive one-on-one education and support through weekly appointment, as well as once-per-month group sessions with other program participants, to help build a community of peer support and understanding. The program emphasizes positive parenting practices as well as goal setting, education, and plans for the future. This program coordinates with Lifeline’s PLANS program, allowing participants to earn supplies for their baby while learning valuable skills.


The Alternatives to Abortion program is designed to assist women in carrying their unborn child to term instead of having an abortion and to assist them in caring for their child or placing their child for adoption. Services are available during pregnancy and for one year following birth. The State of Missouri’s Office of Administration manages the contract with community-based, non-profit organizations. Program eligibility requirements must be met for enrollment in this program.

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