Abortion Recovery Group

I know fully what it feels like to live in the dark, yet I have been drawn to the light.

I fully know the pain and weight of not being worthy, of not deserving anything. 

I know loneliness. I know silent suffering. I know rejection. I know pain. I know remorse. 

I know the feeling of unworthiness. I know what it feels like to fully understand you deserve nothing…because you were selfish, you were scared, you were full of fear, you made a mistake.

I know what it feels like to pretend. I know what it feels like to wear a mask, to hide. I know.

The shouts of fear were so loud in my head, the screams of shame were deafening, the disgusting murmurs of guilt were neverending. Yet when I slowed down, when I simply allowed myself to stop for a moment, I heard the quiet, gentle whisper of being called to listen to another narrative.

Come to me. Draw near to me. Trust me.

I know what it feels like to share my story with other women. I have finally been able to say out loud my name, Lynae, and the word abortions in the same sentence. I know what it feels like to hear another woman’s story and cry with her. I know what it feels like to grieve for the first time with another person of the loss, the baby, our child. 

I know what hot tears feel like on my face. I know what hiding my face in my hands in utter shame and guilt feels like, yet I know what it feels like to fully surrender, to look up, to stop listening to the screams and lies, and to start listening to the whispers of truth and love.

Let me forgive you. Let me love you. Let me cover you. Just let me…

I want to invite you into a space, a place where you can encounter forgiveness, where you can feel love, where you can be covered in grace and mercy, where you can… find peace, find joy, find your true self again, find healing. A place where you can become whole again.

Simply email me at lynae@lifelinemo.org

Classes will begin on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Our space will be confidential, private, and safe. We will meet each Tuesday (not December 27)  until January 17 from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm. Lifeline is lovingly and generously providing all the materials for the class free of charge. 

My prayer is that you will reach out. Reach out, let go of fear and grasp the love waiting just for you.

by Lynae McFarland

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