For I Know The Plans – Meet Christie

Stop by to say hi to the cheerful Christie at the front desk! She is our newly arrived office assistant, and as such, she fills the role of a connection between our clients, supporters, and our staff. Her daily duties include greeting the men and women who enter our doors in search of pregnancy-related services, booking appointments, answering phone calls, managing our baby boutique, receiving donations from our generous supporters, and more. After only a few weeks spent with us, we can already tell that her warm presence puts everyone at ease. She is a suiting representation of Lifeline’s mission, which is to be a place where anyone can find hope, support, and compassion. 

Christie’s journey started in Missouri but did not end there. Born and raised in the Kirksville area, she accompanied her then-military husband around the world, residing in countries such as Germany for three and a half years, as well as in Italy. “I was never able to really learn German, but it’s fine because I prefer Italian”, she says.  Not only did she follow his itinerary, but she also worked different administrative jobs in the US military during that time. She was the program manager for the military spouse support group, supporting spouses waiting for their loved ones to come back. She was the Mayor of her military community. And she also organized plenty of events, including military balls. Christie says she loved these various roles and responsibilities because she loves people. 

Full of travel memories, she went back to her roots about three years ago, settling in Kirksville. When learning of an opportunity to serve at Lifeline, she quickly felt enthusiastic about this people-oriented prospect. When asked about what she likes about her position, Christie said that it’s “really everything”. “I love the clients and all my coworkers, and there hasn’t been anything I have found to be difficult so far,” she added.

In spite of challenging events in her own life, Christie’s goal has stayed the same: trusting God in everything and letting Him lead her anywhere He wants her to be. She is adamant about believing that God knows best, and oftentimes reflects on her favorite Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11 (“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”). We certainly are grateful that God led her to Lifeline and we appreciate her kind but determined spirit. At the question “why are you pro-abundant life?”, Christie simply said that she believes “every life is created by God and that we ought to take care of it.” 

When she is not working, Christie enjoys being part of her youth and worship groups at Christ Family Church.

Would you take a moment to pray for Christie and ask God to strengthen her in her daily interactions with our clients? May her calm and joyful character break walls in those who are hurting and in desperate need of someone to be there.

Written by Elodie Takamiya.

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