Going Above and Beyond: Why We Are Pro-Abundant Life

pro-abundant life

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)

Saving lives. What a beautiful goal. One we all share, hoping that one day, the world will stop needing us – pregnancy help clinics, churches, health care professionals, families – to pursue it together. Because at that point, abortion would not only be illegal, it would be purely and simply unthinkable. All unborn babies would be fully and joyfully welcomed by their parents and their community. While the road is still long, we can rejoice that in the past ten years, together with the Care Net network (a national network of pregnancy clinics like Lifeline), we have been a part of saving over 677,000 new lives. We will continue encouraging and empowering women to reject to the lies of abortion, but we know, as Christians, that our job doesn’t stop there. It doesn’t even stop once the baby is born.

We want women, men, children and their families to thrive. Because ultimately, what the Lord has in store for us is not just life, but abundant life (John 10:10). A life that is abundant is a life that is superior and overflowing; not in the material sense, but because it rests on Christ, the source of authentic peace and hope. In relation to the family unit, the Lord lays down two essential elements: marriage and the presence of a father. These can be illustrated by the example of Mary’s pregnancy. When Joseph learns she is pregnant before they had the chance to get married, he resolves to leave her. But God intervenes. He reassures Joseph and emboldens him to marry her as planned, as well as to be a father to this child. 

Today, unfortunately, many women choose abortion because they are alone or because their partners are influencing them to give up on their unborn child. Many others have lost all hope and desperately need our support to access the abundant life God promises them. This is why we are pro-abundant life. This means that we are:

  • Pro-family: Healthy marriages centered on Christ are the best environment for both children and parents to thrive and to pursue abundant life. Therefore, we are committed to providing support for those going through relational obstacles and emotional struggles. Our licensed counselor is available on site to offer confidential counseling sessions.
  • Pro-dads: Dads matter! When they are absent, children are statistically less likely to thrive, resulting in more occurrences of child poverty, school dropouts and teen pregnancies. To encourage dads to be present and fully involved, we have created DadLine. This 100% confidential male mentoring program seeks to help new or expectant fathers learn and prepare about parenting by connecting them with experienced Christian fathers. It is a safe place for them to ask any questions they have without the fear of being judged.
  • Pro-equipping: When women feel ready and well-equipped to welcome a baby into their lives, they are less likely to fall prey to fear and doubt. Through our PLANS (Parenting Lessons and Nurturing Supplies) program, they have the ability to learn about pregnancy, birth and parenting while stocking up on essential items such as diapers, baby clothing and more. Additionally, we also hold baby showers for soon-to-be moms once a month. These events are the perfect opportunity for future moms to receive material support and to acknowledge that they are part of a loving community that is ready to help them pursue an abundant life.
  • Pro-education: Our youth is often bombarded with conflicting and confusing messages regarding relationships and sexual activity. As a result, it can easily make it difficult for them to confidently choose what is best for their future. This is where our Pure Freedom sexual risk avoidance education program comes into play. We believe that every teenager has the right to receive the knowledge they need to form healthy relationships, prevent unplanned pregnancies and individually pursue an abundant life.
  • Pro-hope: Last but not least, we organize weekly Bible studies to convey God’s message of hope and grace to all our clients. We recognize that ultimately, He is the one who transforms hearts and prompts people to choose the path of abundant life for themselves and their babies.

What about you? Are you ready to go above and beyond by participating in the promotion of abundant life? Lifeline is always in need of support in order to continue serving  our clients. Whether you would like to generously offer some of your free time as a volunteer, financial support, or your valuable prayers, we invite you to join us in the mission of abundant life!

By Elodie Takamiya





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