Pure Freedom

Pure Freedom is a sexual risk avoidance & relationship education program based on the community saturation model. The key component of this program is a 3-day workshop offered to 6th, 7th, 8th, and high school audiences. The Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) educational model is a national movement to encourage teens to wait for sex and stands on the truths that delaying sex until marriage provides men and women with the greatest chance at optimal physical health, successful relationships, and socioeconomic stability. Pure Freedom utilizes this model to help students understand what real love is, how to create boundaries that protect them and their peers, how to identify abuse, how the human body works, how STDs spread, and ultimately, how beyond-valuable they are.

We have received positive reviews from both teachers and students telling us that this message of building healthy relationships, planning for the future, goal setting, STI information, and sexual risk avoidance is very needed. Because of the support of our Lifeline donors, Pure Freedom is offered free of charge to middle and high schools in 14 counties across Northeast Missouri. Donate today to ensure that thousands of teens continue to hear this life-changing message of hope.


Schools participating in Pure Freedom:

  • Atlanta
  • Bevier
  • Brashear
  • Faith Lutheran
  • Green City
  • Heartland Christian Academy
  • Highland
  • Knox Co.
  • Kirksville
  • LaPlata
  • Life Church School
  • Marceline
  • Macon
  • Milan
  • Moberly
  • New Cambria
  • Newtown-Harris
  • North Shelby
  • Novinger
  • Putnam Co.
  • Scotland Co.
  • South Shelby

What students and teachers are saying about Pure Freedom: 

“I feel better prepared to make good decisions related to my sexual health and relationships.”  – 7th grade boy

“The instructors were very friendly and didn’t make us feel intimidated. They were not judgemental at all. I was educated well.”  -9th grade girl

“This class made me think a lot about life choices that I make with people.” – 9th grade boy

“I like being able to talk to you about this without feeling uncomfortable. Thank you for teaching us about risks because there was stuff I didn’t know.”  – 7th grade girl

“This program was very helpful and it made me more comfortable to talk to my parents.” – 8th grade girl

They do a wonderful job with these topics! Keep doing what you’re doing!” – Middle school counselor

Our educators: Larissa Sullivan, Amy Posterick, Jackson Page, Kath Crane

To schedule Pure Freedom to come to your school or youth group, call us at 660-665-3059 or email purefreedom@lifelinepregnancyhelp.org

Is your child going to be in Pure Freedom?

Check out our website (www.purefreedomprogram.org) for more information!

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