20 Years of Lifeline: Behind the Desk

I want to draw the attention of all Lifeline supporters to one woman whose life reflects this mysterious creativity of our Lord and whose work is vital to the well-being of our ministry. In case you have not yet had the pleasure, meet Rachel Noe, Lifeline’s Executive Assistant. Rachel is the first face that any client or supporter sees when they walk into the clinic and the first voice they hear on the phone. She checks clients in and out for their appointments, schedules their follow-ups, assists them with their boutique purchases, and builds relationships with them as she keeps up with the weekly changes in their lives. Even though she’s the face of Lifeline for both supporters and the families we serve, much of Rachel’s work goes on behind the scenes. She keeps our financial affairs in order by processing tax credit applications and donations. She helps our partners for life stay informed and utilizes her creative abilities by designing our quarterly newsletter. She even gets to capture the big and little moments at Lifeline’s fundraising events with her photography skills. I can’t emphasize enough how much Rachel does for this ministry. But Rachel is more than just a great worker; she’s a woman of God who is ready to share the love He has shown her with everyone around her.

Rachel joined the Lifeline team in December 2012. “I didn’t know it at the time, but God had much better plans in store for me than I had imagined,” she told me. “Having experienced the heartache of miscarriages in the past and having no living children of my own at the time, I wondered how God could use me in a ministry where I would potentially get hurt on a daily basis. How would I cope with talking to women who maybe didn’t even want life for their own unborn child?”

No one would have blamed Rachel for turning down a job like this. But God knew what He was doing, and she listened. “In spite of my fears in that area, God has always been faithful to grant me the needed strength and has used those trials in my life to give me a deeper love and compassion for others, and a greater desire to help them see that the life of their baby is a precious miracle to be cherished,” she says. “The transition to Lifeline wasn’t what I had imagined, but was exactly what I needed, and it has been a tremendous blessing to work for this ministry.”

Rachel gets a firsthand look into every area of Lifeline, witnessing miracles and heartaches beyond our understanding. “I have seen tears and anxiety in the eyes of uncertain, fearful women who just found out they were pregnant, and sometimes we never know what choice they ultimately made, and that’s so hard. What we do know is that they made a choice to come to our clinic for help and we shared love and truth with them. We did everything we could do, we pray for them, and the rest is in God’s hands.” She’s right; sometimes, even when we’ve poured our heart and energies into caring for a client, we don’t always get to see the outcome. We have to leave that up to Him. Yet there is also much joy in this mystery. Rachel says, “I also get to see the joy, hope, and gratitude in the eyes of the mothers who chose life for their baby and who were helped by Lifeline’s services. That is what it’s all about and what makes working at Lifeline so fulfilling. Even if one life is saved through our ministry, it’s all so worth it. I also get to see the volunteers and the work they do behind the scenes. Their work may go unnoticed by the outside world, but we see it, and greatly appreciate their willing hands and desire to help Lifeline in such a selfless and compassionate way. We couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers and supporters!”

Because I know she’s seen a lot over the past five years, I asked Rachel what she has witnessed God doing. She replied, “I have seen God move in big ways in my time at Lifeline. He has always provided all that we have needed from workers and volunteers, to donations of supplies and funds. Through the generous giving of our supporters, He has given us the provision of a new building customized to fit our specific needs, as well as a new portable ultrasound unit and a van to take Lifeline on the road to surrounding communities. Any time that there is an opening for a position at Lifeline, He is always faithful to bring just the right person at just the right time to fill the role. He has brought individuals with different talents and strengths together, to form a well-rounded staff and board team to do the much needed work He has called us to do!”

No matter how involved we are in a cause–whether we give financially or work in it for eight hours a day–we can’t view it all at once. We weren’t made to do that. We were made to offer our talents to the kingdom of God, and to trust Him with the rest. Like Rachel, may we all use what has been given to us and taken away from us so that Christ’s victory would be known to the ends of the earth.

By Kathryn Farmer

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