A Holy Arm-Twist

Ever been arm-twisted into something? Maybe you gave an opportunity to travel somewhere or enter a profession or try out a new hobby a mere fleeting thought, but somehow you ended up knee-deep in that opportunity and can’t imagine ever not making that decision.

If that’s you, Jeannie Maillie, Chair of Lifeline’s Board of Directors, knows how you feel.

Though she had a rich history of involvement with pregnancy care ministry, Jeannie had no intentions of getting involved with a pregnancy clinic when moving to Kirksville, Missouri in 2012. She had just spent almost two decades as a peer counselor, board member, and abstinence program director for the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Farmington, New Mexico. Her work poured out from the passion in her heart for families in need. Having adopted her own daughter, Jeannie understood the value of life and walking with those who need some extra help. “I have always believed in saving the babies lives,” she says. “After talking with so many young women and seeing their brokenness, I feel strongly about showing them the love of Jesus and giving them hope.” But thinking that her time in pregnancy care ministry was wrapped up, Jeannie retired and moved to Kirksville four years later. To everything there is a season, and in this particular season of her life, Jeannie wasn’t looking for anything else to fill her time.

But Lifeline volunteer veterans Karen McClaskey and Judy Lundberg had something else to say about that. Jeannie just happened to join the same bible study as Karen and move to the same neighborhood as Judy. Once they discovered Jeannie’s experience and passion for pregnancy care, she didn’t stand a chance. “They showed me around Lifeline and made sure I felt needed,” says Jeannie. “Judy convinced me I would not be content to sit at home and not be a part of Lifeline. I’m very glad I listened to her and the Lord!”

Jeannie joined the Board of Directors in 2013 and was voted as Chair in 2014. Ask anyone involved in Lifeline about Jeannie and you’ll probably hear about her exceeding kindness and her ability to make you feel like the most important person in the room. Sit in the same room with her, and you’ll notice her palpable compassion for the families we serve. Though it’s only been a handful of years, it’s hard to imagine Lifeline without Jeannie.

Maybe there’s an opportunity out there waiting for you to let go of your inhibitions and fall into it. The LORD is funny sometimes; perhaps He’s put a Karen McClaskey or a Judy Lundberg in your life to lovingly challenge you as you try to discern His way for you.

If getting involved with Lifeline has been one of your fleeting thoughts, Jeannie has some encouragement for you: “Please go by Lifeline and talk with the staff. They have lots of areas where volunteers make a difference and you will be able to see how the LORD is using this ministry to not only save babies lives, but also change lives of both moms and dads.” Have a passion? Want to use it to serve the Kingdom through pregnancy care ministry? Stop by and visit with us. We’d love to hear about your passion and help you find a place to use it.

By Kathryn Crane

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