Like January Snow

God has always been in the business of making things new. That’s what I like about this time of year: it reminds me of that part of His character. Though “last year” was just a few days ago, January 1st draws a line in the sand between old and new. Just hanging up the new calendar on the wall somehow hits a reset button. The memories and consequences of last year –whether positive or negative–haven’t evaporated by any means. You can’t erase the past. But just as the final digit of the year flips over into a new number, Jesus redeems our cold December 31st hearts and makes them fresh like January snow.

Lifeline has always strived to join God in His business of making things new. When an unexpectedly-expectant woman enters our doors, our hope is that through our services, she would see the opportunity for a new start. For some women, the idea that a new life is growing inside her is terrifying; she may think life as she knows it is over. But whether it’s through a pregnancy test, ultrasound, counseling, or prenatal and parenting education classes, we present her with the information and help she needs in order to see that her life is far from over. Daily life will absolutely be different, no argument against that. However, this discovery of a baby could be her January 1st, a springboard into a beautiful new life for herself, too. I think most moms would tell you that kids bring out so much about yourself that you were completely unaware of, and foster a love in your heart you had no idea existed.

For women wrestling with the aftermath of an abortion, Lifeline offers a fresh start for them as well. Whether it was last week or twenty years ago, post-abortion clients are always welcome to meet with our professional counselor or enroll in our Pregnancy Loss Support Group. That title itself emphasizes that no one has to remain in unchanging chains of heartache. Jesus offers redemption to all His sons and daughters. If any of our readers know anyone who needs to talk through a past abortion or pregnancy loss, even if it was decades ago, please encourage them to talk with us. We are here for them.

Lifeline’s Pure Freedom program teaches teenagers in 14 counties across Northeast Missouri that they too can choose a fresh start. As we provide up-to-date statistics and activities designed with middle and high schoolers in mind, Pure Freedom presents the truth backed by the latest research that saving sex for marriage is the healthiest option for any teen. We end each day in the classroom with a PowerPoint slide proclaiming, “It is never too late to make changes.” It doesn’t matter what choices teens have made before; they can make a new decision today to keep their bodies, minds, and emotions healthy and pursue wholesome relationships.

We’ve all got hopes and dreams for the coming year. This year will present changes for every human on this earth, whether they have any clue or not. I myself started off the year with a pretty big change…getting married! My husband and I became a team so that Jesus Christ could use us in His redemption plan. Together, we want to create opportunities for transformation of this broken and beautiful world. This too is our purpose at Lifeline: to band together for the re-creation of lives in our community and beyond. Every player matters. Just as God can change any heart, He can also use any of us to help Him change those hearts.

So what does your coming year look like? Hopeful? Bleek? Somewhere in between? Whatever you are feeling going into the new year, know that it matters. We can all come together and be a part of this Jesus-led transformation.

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By Kathryn Crane

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