Peer Counseling

When a woman in the middle of a crisis pregnancy walks through our doors, she may feel like no one understands her situation. She may feel alone. Lifeline provides thoughtful peer counselors who listen without judgment. Each client can meet one-on-one with a peer counselor to help her process information about her pregnancy options, sort through her feelings, and navigate the choices ahead. The decision of how to handle her pregnancy is up to her; Lifeline wants to equip her to make that decision confidently, with our understanding and support.

“Lifeline was a welcoming place where I felt like I could work through my emotions and be honest about being mad or angry, but also sad and feeling like my heart had been broken in two pieces. The people I came in contact with were always caring and made me feel like I belonged and not ostracized.”     – Lifeline client      

“Lifeline has been very very helpful, they have done nothing but look out for our best interest. I would recommend Lifeline to every teenage pregnant mom out there.”   – Lifeline client


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