Pure Freedom’s Pure Genius

Meet Jamie, Pure Freedom’s behind-the-scenes genius. She’s the one who keeps the rest of us sane. Because of her, our educators walk into the schools with all the supplies they need to educate students about healthy relationships. Jamie tracks our finances to make sure our program uses our resources responsibly and records all the feedback from student and teacher surveys so we can offer the best education possible. Basically, any sort of organizational magic that can be done to beef up Pure Freedom and keep it running smoothly, Jamie has already thought of it and drafted up a spreadsheet to go with it.

Jamie grew up in central Illinois, but has called Kirksville her home for ten years now. She jumped into Pure Freedom in October 2018, ready to share her brilliance with us. “I felt a desire to specifically work with a program that supports people in our communities,” she says. “And  I love working in a Christian environment where I’m surrounded by others who know and love God and love others.”

At work and at home, Jamie’s goal is to be a testimony for Christ. She enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and dog, whether that’s cooking, reading, exercising, homework, or bible study. “Whatever it is, usually we are doing it together!”

Not only does Jamie have an amazing work ethic, but she also uses her technical skills to delight in the Lord’s presence. “I enjoy being able to pray for the students and their families as I work. For example, while I am typing up the data from the surveys that come back from the students, I can pray in my mind for them and whatever may be going on in their lives.” Her awareness of our students’ needs solidifies our belief that God knew exactly what He was doing when He brought us Jamie.

Looking forward, we anticipate that Pure Freedom will continue to flourish all over Northeast Missouri. As more and more students hear the sexual risk avoidance message, Jamie’s role will be vital as we empower these young men and women to make healthy, life-changing decisions. We believe the Lord delights in her talents and prayers and will keep using them to do beautiful work in our corner of the world.

​By Kath Crane

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