Meet our blog writer Kathryn Farmer, Community Outreach Coordinator Kath graduated from Truman State University in December 2016 with her B.S. in Linguistics. Though she grew up in West County St. Louis, she's fully embracing the small town Kirksville life. Kath gets excited about healthy living: physical, mental, relational, and spiritual. She's delighted to be on the Lifeline team where she can use this passion in encouraging the community to see Christ in every area of their lives.

A Vessel

Lifeline is staffed by real people and serves real people. Real people grow. Therefore, Lifeline must grow, too. Every year, we collect client surveys to assess how we’re doing: Do clients feel welcomed? Are our services making a difference in their lives? How else can we connect with them? We try to figure this out …read more

It’s Not Great Timing…

As an intern at Lifeline, I get a view into each of the services this ministry provides. It’s a treat when one of the nurse’s journeys down the hall to ask, “Hey Kath, do you want to sit in on an ultrasound today?” I always answer affirmatively. Never would I miss the chance to experience …read more

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