Talking to God, Part II

“May your Kingdom come soon.

May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10.

Five women circle up in the conference room. It’s a Tuesday morning at Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic. It could be just another day, or it could be a new opportunity to serve God and love His kingdom. Our choice.

So the Lifeline staff chose to huddle and start the day with prayer. God knows we need it no matter how top-of-the-world or bottom-of-the-barrel we’re feeling. I knew I needed it that morning; it was one of those days when I didn’t get to enjoy eating breakfast (my favorite meal of the day) because I was rushing to get out the door. and on my way to work I asked God to please provide me peace so that I could do His work that day.

Like always, He delivered.

As we often do, the ladies of Lifeline gathered together before the workday began to read a devotional and share any prayer requests or praises to give God. This morning in particular stirred gratefulness in my soul. How many people get to start their day at the office like this, embraced by the prayers of coworkers devoted to glorifying the name of Jesus? I thank God that I get to work with godly women who surround me with encouragement and invest in my life. I know that this is unusual, something to never take for granted.

God graciously pieced together a whole network of people–workers, donors, prayer warriors, clients–to share His Spirit of real love across Northeast Missouri and beyond. He answered me when I asked for His peace. As He met my coworkers and I right where we were in prayer, He gave us the strength to care for His people–to pursue His will and His kingdom.

I prayed that morning–and I pray this still today–that Lifeline would always be filled with praises and pleas to the One Who created  life itself; that this ministry would always be supported by the voices of the community calling out to Jesus, proclaiming our desire for His kingdom in Kirksville; that it would always be a clinic that surrenders control to the Almighty, pleading “May Your will be done here.”

By Kathryn Farmer

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