Thank you for registering to walk with us!

Now you get to start raising pledges!  We’ve made it easy for you. You can ask for pledges online or in person, but you don’t have to collect any money. We do the invoicing for you!

Getting pledges:

Remember: As you raise pledges, add your sponsors’ info to your Walk Pledge Form and bring it to the Walk.

Raise $500 in pledges in only 8 steps!

  1. Sponsor yourself for $50
  2. Ask 3 family members to sponsor you for $25
  3. Ask 5 friends to sponsor you for $10
  4. Ask 5 people from church to sponsor you for $20
  5. Ask 5 neighbors to sponsor you for $10
  6. Ask your boss or company to sponsor you for $25 (or see if they will match the amount you raise!)
  7. Ask 5 social media friends to sponsor you for $20
  8. Ask 2 businesses you frequent to sponsor you for $25

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Receive a free T-shirt for raising $150+ in pledges. Additional prizes, like restaurant gift cards, will be awarded to the individual and the team with the highest pledges!


The Walk:

Join us Saturday, June 2, 2018, at the Baptist Student Union (110 W. Normal St, Kirksville MO).

It is a self-paced 2-mile walk – bring the whole family! Our route leads us around the beautiful Truman State University campus and back to the BSU for a short program and free brunch for all walkers.

Registration opens – 9:00 a.m.
Walk Begins – 10:00 a.m.

Come rain or shine!  You (and your team) can come dressed as tourists for our Walk around the World!


Call us at 660-665-3059 or email us at

If you haven’t registered to walk yet, sign up here!


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