Meet our blog writer Elodie Takamiya, French Interpreter and Communications Assistant.

Elodie grew up in France but recently moved to the United States to live with her kindhearted husband, Patrick. She obtained a Master’s Degree in International Communications from the University of Lyon 3 back in 2017 and worked for a couple of news media outlets. Her subjects of choice are relationships, love, and cultural issues. She is passionate about walking with God and trusting him in all aspects of her life.

After a pregnancy loss

A Journey to Healing: After a Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy is a marvelous thing, but it’s a short moment in a lifetime. And at Lifeline, we believe that caring for women and their families only when they are in the midst of it is not enough. In this month of pregnancy loss awareness, we are ever more concerned with supporting our community every step more...

I used to be pro-choice

I used to be pro-choice

My story is one of a change of heart. A story of deep transformation. It is not unique, but it is mine. It all started in middle school when I learned about abortion for the first time. The class was called “civic education”, which has now been renamed to “civic and moral education”. As the more...


Joy, Peace, and Hope – Meet Angelita

It is our pleasure to present you Lifeline’s newest addition: Angelita Garth. You may have encountered Angelita at our clinic before, since she used to volunteer as a monthly speaker for our client group classes. She now occupies the position of Data Manager. As such, she takes care of data management, data collection and data more...


The Faithfulness of God: Meet Heather

Lifeline has a new team member, meet Heather! Heather is serving as Financial Assistant, taking care of Lifeline’s account balances, expenditures, inventory, monitoring program budgets and much more. Originally from Topeka, KS, she lived in Kirksville for a few years before moving to Heartland. Five years ago, she decided to come back. She has been more...

Second Chances

Lifeline Offers Second Chances! Will You Join Us?

What comes to mind when you think of second chances? Do you suddenly recall that time when your professor gave you another try at that exam you failed the first time? Or maybe you immediately think about a mistake you made at work? Have you ever said something hurtful to someone you loved? Fortunately, life more...

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