Meet our blog writer Elodie Takamiya, French Interpreter and Communications Assistant.

Elodie grew up in France but recently moved to the United States to live with her kindhearted husband, Patrick. She obtained a Master’s Degree in International Communications from the University of Lyon 3 back in 2017 and worked for a couple of news media outlets. Her subjects of choice are relationships, love, and cultural issues. She is passionate about walking with God and trusting him in all aspects of her life.

Sexual Risk Avoidance

The Depth Of What We Believe

Get to know Ryan, Pure Freedom’s newest team member! Ryan is a breath of fresh air, not only because he is a guy (we only had one in our team before), but because he just recently graduated from college. During his time at Heartland Christian College, he learned how to dig deeper into the word more...

pro-abundant life

Going Above and Beyond: Why We Are Pro-Abundant Life

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10) Saving lives. What a beautiful goal. One we all share, hoping that one day, the world will stop needing us – pregnancy help clinics, churches, health care professionals, families – to pursue more...

Showers of His Grace

“It is about serving. It is about making a difference.” An expectant mother pushes our clinic’s door open. She might have a smile on her face, but her eyes are weary. Full of worry. She knows that her baby is on her way, yet she feels deeply unprepared and lonely. She doesn’t have enough diapers, more...

Staying United

Staying United During Covid-19

These are strange times we live in. The current pandemic of Covid-19 has been affecting more than our health. It has also put our lives on hold. For many of us, our days have been filled with fear, uncertainty regarding the nation’s economy, and waiting. Lots of waiting. Waiting for it to pass and for more...

20/20 Perfect Vision – “I Will Be With You”

As we bring our 2020 vision series to an end, let’s take a moment to contemplate a few disheartening, but very important numbers. According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, a total of 862,320 abortions took place in the United States in 2017. An estimated number of 40 to 50 million abortions are being performed each more...

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